Auto parts – Audi, Volkswagen and different makes..

Our Company specializes in selling auto parts. Lubin is the city where our headquarter is located. Because of the long-term market presence we gained stable position in the automotive industry. Our Company uses three different ways to deliver product to You: shop, online store and professional websites selling car parts.

We mostly sell parts of car body, especially a new cars, produced since year 2006:

  • Audi auto parts: A3 and A4
  • Volkswagen auto parts: Golf 5, 6, 7 i +, Passat B6 and B7, Touran, Sharan, Jetta and Tiguan

We are able to complete car body in one week.


Audi is the German car make, famous because of its high quality and prestige. Audi is the part of Volkswagen syndicate. All of the cars are manufactured in Germany, Hungary and in Brazil. The company manufactures middle-class cars, luxury cars, coupe, convertibles and SUVs. If You are intersted in buying Audi parts please check out our Allegro auctions.

Audi parts


The history of Volkswagen Company dates from beginning of 20th century. Inventor's main idea was to create a common car that would be good for families. Now, high prices of Volkswagen cars are making people to buy used car instead of new ones from car dealers. Volkswagen Group cars are in high esteem among the clients. If You are interested in buying Volkswagen parts please check out our Allegro auctions.

VW Parts


We mostly specialize in selling auto parts for Vw Audi Seat and Skoda Group cars. We also sell used elements for different car makes – but only by the occasion – it is not main field of our business. We fulfill personal requests of our clients – if You want to have one fulfilled – check out our shop choice and contact us.